Almost Autumn

It’s raining today in West-Central Illinois. It feels like fall. Right now the temperature is 63 degrees. Tomorrow the sun will be back and Mother Nature will give us a little more summer — temperatures are forecast to be near 90. These are the last days of summer. School has begun and the mornings are cool and breezy, reminding us autumn will soon be here on a chilly wind.

Fall is my favorite season and I welcome the seasonal change. Here in the Midwest we will still have warm weather through the middle to end of September, but we know “snuggle weather” is on its way. The days are shorter and soon ducks and geese will head to warmer climes. I welcome the rain and cooler evenings. It will soon be time for making soups and chili and for baking. It soon will be time to “cocoon” in the evenings, to catch up on movies and watch the new seasons of favorite shows. We’ve stitched throughout the summer, but with the change in weather there is a new urgency to our stitches. Soon gifts of warmth will overtake other projects as we retreat into a favorite chair with a hot beverage of choice and stitch into the night.

Yes, summer will have its last hurrah, but soon autumn will arrive, dressed in all its splendor.

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